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$499 Custom Titanium Abutment + Premium Crown

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Why Customised Abutmemt?

Advantages of Custom vs Stock Abutments

The downside of stock implant abutments is that the tissue will conform to the shape of the implant abutment; if used in the esthetic zone, it is very difficult to for the ceramist to achieve optimal emergence contours and to have the tissue support be optimal relative to adjacent teeth. The other challenge is that the final margin placement of the crown cannot be precisely controlled – it is dependent on the depth of the implant and the height of the abutment.

On the other hand, custom abutments are milled to a precise position relative to the crest of the tissue; they can be used for either bone level or tissue level. There are many options for custom abutments, some are universal based upon a coping that is cemented, others are milled from a titanium or zirconia blank and some are simple tubes upon which a wax-up is performed.

Many options are available for custom abutments at INNO DENTAL LAB. Since not every manufacturer has the same options available, our well versed team is here to help by presenting the available choices you do have.

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